Sunday, 03, March, 2024

Government issued resolution on November 08, approving the Regulation on hiring and health improvement centers for women at the place of residence.

According to the Regulation, the centers for ensuring employment and promoting the health of women will be created in each mahalla and are not legal entities.

In order to ensure permanent employment of up to 20 women, within the framework of one social project in the centers, businesses will be allocated a state grant of up to 3 million soums for each employed woman.

The state grant shall be allocated for projects aimed at training the following categories of women in professions and entrepreneurship, ensuring their employment and assistance in starting a business who are:

  • included in the Register of Social Protection, as well as in the Women's List (Women in precarity list);
  • unemployed, especially in rural areas, engaged in raising children;
  • returned from foreign labor migration;
  • unemployed and disabled;
  • self-employed in daily work and earning income in order to reduce informal employment;
  • victims of human trafficking, harassment and violence, caught in a difficult economic situation;
  • unemployed women who graduated from general education secondary and vocational schools, who don’t hold undergraduate degree;
  • have criminal record.

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