Monday, 15, April, 2024

German firms are offering 50 thousand vacancies for Uzbeks, the Agency for External Labor Migration said. Available vacancies are in the following trades:

  • nurse;
  • truck driver;
  • maintenance of trucks and agricultural equipment;
  • hotel business;
  • pubs & restaurants;
  • tourism;
  • handicraft;
  • mechatronics;
  • construction and other areas.

The salary ranges from 1000 euros for employment through the Ausbildung program by the German Ministry of Labor.

If an employee enters into an employment contract with the employer directly, then salaries start at 2,000 euros, the agency added.

“Thanks to the government, we were able to obtain these vacancies and the respective agreements were reached. Employers have their own requirements, but if targeted measures are taken, 50 thousand people can be employed. Therefore, we are trying to teach our fellow countrymen the German language and professions before sending them,” the agency’s press service said.

Current labor migration flows from Uzbekistan are mainly concentrated in a few nearby countries, in particular Russia and Kazakhstan, which account for the bulk of remittance inflows. Meanwhile, there is a gradual geographic diversification of such flows, as noted earlier by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan. In particular, the share of remittances from Russia decreased from 87% to 78%.

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