Sunday, 26, May, 2024

Uzbekistan car market in 2023 reached 456.3 thousand units. This follows from the presentation at the ADM Jizzakh automobile plant made to the president on Monday.

UzAuto Motors accounts for 81% market share on 369.99 thousand cars worth over $4.85 billion (car price at $13.1 thousand on average), ADM Jizzakh snatched the 5.5% market with 25 thousand cars worth 823 million dollars ($32.9 thousand). The rest comes from the import of 8,948 BYD cars worth $291 million (the average price of one car is $32.5 thousand) and 50,435 cars of other models worth $1.197 billion (an average of $23.7 thousand), as well as the production of another 1,965 cars.

ADM Jizzakh plans to increase production to 60 thousand and beat imports, through creating “added value by $520 million and cutting prices.”

Last year UzAuto Motors produced about 118.1 thousand of GM Cobalt model, over 82.1 thousand Gentra, 89.1 thousand Damas, 48.08 thousand Tracker, 30.6 thousand Onix, as well as another 25.6 thousand special cars. The ADM Jizzakh plant produced 9,829 Chery models (a 23.3 times increase) and 15,036 KIA (a 2.5 times increase).

According to the most recent open data, 22.49 thousand electric vehicles were imported into Uzbekistan in January-October 2023. Of this number, 20.6 thousand or 91.7% were imported from China.

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