Sunday, 16, June, 2024

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a Decree on April 30 raising the minimum amounts of pensions and benefits from May 1, the press service of the Pension Fund said.

On February 1, minimum pensions and benefits were already increased, but on April 30, the minimum consumer expenditure (MCE), which is used to determine the poverty line in the country, was raised by 4.3% - from 621 thousand to 648 thousand soums per month. The raising is alighned to comply with the Constitutional provision saying that the amount of pensions, benefits and other types of social assistance established by law cannot be lower than the officially established MCE.

In this regard, pensions and benefits have been increased to the level of the poverty line.

The minimum benefit for one disabled family member of a survivor's benefit recipient has also been increased from 621 thousand to 648 thousand soums with a pension paid to each subsequent disabled family member.

The decree will bring the pensions of 751 thousand retired people and benefits of 110 thousand recipients of survivor will be brought to the MCE level. Reportedly, an additional 180 billion soums will be allocated from the Pension Fund to increase pensions.

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