Tuesday, 25, June, 2024

The Criminal Court of the Mirabad district of Tashkent is completing the consideration of the criminal case against blogger Abduqodir Muminov. At the August 1 hearing, the prosecutor asked Judge Sardorbek Sadikov to sentence the blogger to 11 years in prison.

As reported earlier, on July 26 some of the victims testified. The next day, testimony from eight more people was heard.

In addition, the prosecutor asked to fine the defendant for 400 basic settlement units (132 million soums).

Blogger, author of the Ko'zgu Youtube channel a native of the Surkhandarya province, the head of Oynaga Qarang LLC, is accused of committing crimes under the following articles of the Criminal Code:

• cl. a, b, part 2 of Art. 141-1 (Violation of privacy, entailing grave consequences and committed out of selfish motives);

• cl. a, part 3 art. 165 (Extortion committed on an especially large scale);

• cl. b, c part 3 and cl. a, part 4 art. 168 (Fraud committed repeatedly or by a dangerous recidivist using his official position, on an especially large scale);

• part 1 of art. 189 (Violation of rules of trade in goods or provision of services valued on an especially large scale);

• cl. a, part 3 art. 211 with the application of Art. 28 (Giving a bribe on an especially large scale).

Recently an Almalyk driver of Damas minivan, who ignoring red light hit 2 teen girls, with one dying in the hospital, was sentenced to 6 years in prison and another man who stole cash from a donation box near a mosque was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

The Criminal Code of Uzbekistan is constructed on the Soviet-era principles, according to which the life of an individual and even the common sense were largely neglected, and the law was used as a protection of the regime and the legal order, and such crimes as harassing a government official, being a critical to the government were super crimes, while hitting and killing several people on a car being drunk or raping several minors for long years can take someone to prison for under 10 years. Another example, a teacher who is paid about 200 USD a month was sentenced to six years in prison for a 50 USD bribe, while a government official who embezzled around 300 hundred thousand USD just lost his job.

And even now anyone in Uzbekistan can be penalized for a major sentence for a largely vague criminal article which is "not abiding by lawful demands of a police officer", with no details given on what that "not abiding by" implies.

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