Saturday, 13, July, 2024

The Central Bank set a new exchange rate for foreign currencies to the Uzbek soum from May 30. The US dollar to soum exchange rate fell by another 9.22 soums at the end of the trading on May 30. In general, the dollar has fallen against the soum for the fifth day in a row (since May 24), falling by almost 84 soums - from 1274.72 to 12640.87 soums.

The last time the dollar devaluated against the soum five times in a row was in December 2022, when from December 21 to 27, the national currency added almost 92 soums.

In banks on Wednesday, the dollar was purchased at a rate from 12,580 soums to 12,640 soums.

The trading volume on the Tashkent Currency Exchange over the past five days topped $429.4 million (an average of $85.9 million per day), which is by 1.5 times less than the volume over the previous five days — $662.3 million ( on average - $132.4 million). As reported earlier, at the end of the Q1, trading volume on the foreign exchange decreased by 2.7% to $5.82 billion.

The soum’s strengthening occured against the backdrop of increasing exports (with and without gold), and slowing imports.

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