Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

Six-year-old girl died after being hit by Nexia driven by a schoolboy in Urgut district of Samarkand province, MY5 TV channel said in a story.

On June 2, a ninth-grader living in the Yangikhayot neighbourhood took to the street in his father’s car. His father said that his son took the car keys without asking.

Moving at high speed, he hit a girl who was trying to cross the road. The child was hospitalized, but despite the medical assistance provided, she died.

“I took the car without my father’s permission after I washed it. The girl ran onto the street in front of me. I pressed the brake, it didn't work. I don’t advise my peers to drive a car,” the student said in an interview.

A criminal case has been launched into this incident, with investigation underway.

Uzbekistan laws are very lenient to drivers who kill pedestrians crossing the road at pedestrian crossings, who in many case are drunk, speed or even have no driver’s license. The offenders get away with couple of years of imprisonment, and even get no punishment once handling the issue in pre-trial with the relatives of victims.

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