Wednesday, 17, July, 2024

According to CEOWORLD magazine’s report, the Gross Average Monthly Wages (USD, at current exchange rates) were compared across various countries to identify the nations that pay the highest and the lowest wages. Uzbekistan took 119th place in the world ranking for average monthly wages. The average salary in the country is $351.

The highest-paying countries in 2024 were Switzerland ($8,111), Luxembourg ($6,633), the United States ($6,455), Iceland ($6,441), Norway ($5,665), Denmark ($5,642), Canada ($5,081), Greenland ($4,665), Ireland ($4,622), the Netherlands ($4,581).

Uzbekistan was placed 8th among the CIS countries with the highest wages recorded in Russia – $2,159, followed by Kazakhstan ($673), Turkmenistan ($654), Belarus ($621), Armenia ($541), Moldova ($508) and Azerbaijan ($494).

Below Uzbekistan on the list are Kyrgyzstan ($228) and Tajikistan ($169). The lowest wages were recorded in Lesotho ($24), Angola ($27) and Malawi ($31).

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