Wednesday, 24, July, 2024

Cabinet of Ministers issued resolution Monday creating the Research Institute of Physics of Semiconductors and Microelectronics under the National University of Uzbekistan in place of the laboratory of physics of semiconductors and microelectronics at the physics department.

The laboratories of the Institute will be equipped with modern equipment and will be provided with expendables and components. The unique scientific facility Electrostatic Accelerator EG-2 SOKOL, designed to study the influence of various types of radiation on the properties of semiconductor materials and instruments based on them, will be handed over to the Institute.

Scientific council entitled for awarding the Ph.D. degrees in semiconductor physics will be formed at the Шnstitute.

The employees of the Institute will enjoy similar pay and incentives established for the respective posts of scientific institutes of the Academy of Sciences.

Physics, Methods of Teaching Physics and Astronomy, Biomedical Physics undergraduate and profile graduate programs will be available from the 2019-2020 academic year.

The Institute will be located at: Tashkent, Almazar district, Yangi Almazar str., 20.

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