Wednesday, 24, July, 2024

At the ongoing EXPO-2017 international exhibition in Astana with the theme Future Energy, Uzbekistan presented a number of futuristic developments that attracted visitors' attention.

A two-storey ecocapsule is a self-sustainable smart house powered solely by solar energy. It can be used in hard-to-reach places where there is no infrastructure, for example, during expeditions and exploration. The capsule is designed for one person and is equipped with cooling, heating, fire fighting and multimedia technologies.

Another interesting development is the conceptual model of an electric car on solar energy. The photonics on the roof power the batteries and two electric motors. During parking, the car is charged by a solar mini-station.

.Uzbekistan at EXPO 2017

Another green development is a hybrid Matiz equipped with a hydrolysis unit that generates hydrogen from water during movement. The model is currently being tested.

A prototype of AR 2025, a self-charging smartphone based on the principle of mechanical watches was also presented to visitors.

A hydrogen welding machine, according to the authors, provides greater efficiency and economy which requires only water to operate.

A bionic arm, a remotely controlled robot arm, as the creators assure, repeats to 100% the movements of a human hand.

Uzbekistan at EXPO 20172



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