Wednesday, 17, July, 2024

Uzbekistan has ranked as the 16th most polluted country in the world in 2018 with 34.3 score, with the air in 2018 was classified as “moderate”.

However, in Live Air Quality City Ranking at 14:43 (local time) on March 07, 2019 Tashkent on 169 score was the most polluted city in the world, with the air was classified as “very unhealthy”.

Bangladesh and Pakistan occupied the two top spots with individual scores of 97.1 and 74.3 respectively, according to data from AirVisual. The index was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency for reporting daily air quality of any country.

The data is compiled from both governmental public monitoring sources in addition to public IQAir AirVisual monitoring stations. The report is the first to compile PM2.5 data entirely from 2018 for 3000+ global cities.

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