Wednesday, 17, July, 2024

On October 26, the Tashkent deputy mayor Sharof Rakhmanov hosted Ivan Demchenko, chairman of the board and director general of the Russian Novostal-M.

The guest briefed about the activities of the Novostal-M metallurgical holding. The holding, whose productivity is over 2.7 million tons of steel per year, mainly produces construction and structural steel, wire rod, wire with various types of coatings.

Local construction companies already use fittings from a Russian company and speak well of it. Now Novostal-M is actively entering the Uzbek market: the company's representative office has already opened in Tashkent, warehouses have been built. “But we are striving to expand cooperation, in particular, we are planning to establish the steel products unit,” said Ivan Demchenko.

In response, Sharof Rakhmanov highlighted that that the opening of a representative office of Novostal-M in Tashkent testifies to the seriousness of the company's intentions, and the mayor’s office will support the project.

The parties agreed that following the study of the Uzbek market, representatives of Novostal-M will come up with specific proposals, after which working meetings will continue to determine specific steps to organize metallurgical production in Tashkent.

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