Saturday, 13, July, 2024

The Business Ombudsman is now entitled not only to consider some administrative offenses affecting the rights of business entities, but also to apply fines for violation of their rights.

Amendments to the Code of Administrative Responsibility (CAR) (Articles 245 and 245-8) are provided by the Law signed into by the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on January 11. The document was passed by the Legislative Chamber on November 17 and was approved by the Senate on December 15.

Cases of administrative offenses under the jurisdiction of the business ombudsman:

  • article 43 of CAR - violation of the legislation on applications from individuals and legal entities (in terms of applications from business entities);
  • 200−2 - illegal seizure of a land plot;
  • 241-1 - violation of private property rights;
  • 241−2 - violation of the financial and economic audits procedure;
  • 241-3 - illegal suspension of activities and (or) operations on bank accounts;
  • 241-4 - forcible attraction of business entities to charity and other events;
  • 241-6 - unlawful refusal, non-application or obstruction of application of benefits and waivers;
  • 241-8 - illegal request for information on funds in bank accounts;
  • 241-10 - requesting documents in violation of the law.

As per the amendments, Business Ombudsman’s deputies and chief inspectors of staff have the right to consider cases of administrative offenses and apply administrative penalties in the form of a fine on behalf of the Business Ombudsman.

Earlier, the Business Ombudsman, when establishing offenses under Articles 241-1 - 241-10 of the CAR, drew up a protocol on an administrative offense and sent it for consideration to a criminal court.

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