Sunday, 14, July, 2024

The President Mirziyoyev signed the Measures to create favorable conditions for business during the reform of tax administration Decree on Tuesday.

From July 1, the procedure for applying high rates of property tax and land tax, suspension of tax reliefs and waivers (an effective tax mechanism) in respect of empty buildings, unused production areas, non-residential structures, objects of construction in progress (unused objects), as well as land plots occupied by these objects will be cancelled.

VAT administration will be simplified for:

  • business entities that are compulsorily recognized as payers of value added tax, a certificate of special registration for value added tax shall be issued automatically without specifying the level of tax risk. At the same time, the tax authorities monitor the activities of business entities and the identification of cases of tax risk during monitoring is the basis for suspending the certificate of special registration for value added tax;
  • the validity of a certificate of special registration for value added tax of taxpayers with a high level of tax risk shall be suspended after tax authorities send a five-working-day notice of this, as well as in case of failure to rectify deficiencies within the specified timeframes (except for cases of non-compliance of agreements (operations) being implemented) nomenclature of purchased and sold goods (services) or absence of the taxpayer at the state registration address).

Before March 1, 2023:

  • financial sanctions shall not be applied for the reflection in invoices or checks of cash registers of identification codes that do not correspond to the range of goods (services) purchased or to the features and types of activities carried out;
  • reflection of all operations related to the accounting (acquisition (construction), launch, revaluation, disposal) by business entities of fixed assets, intangible assets and inventory resources, as well as the formation and reduction of their authorized capital (authorized capital), in the information system of tax authorities "E-asset" is voluntary.

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