Sunday, 26, May, 2024

On 15 and 16 October Tashkent hosted the traditional youth festival Tashkent-Urbania 2016, it said in a statement of NIA Turkistan Press.

The festival is co-organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Tashkent branch of Fund for Children's Sports Development, Kamolot movement,  Sog’lom Avlod Uchun (For a Healthy Generation) Foundation and the Federation of Extreme Tourism and Mountaineering of Uzbekistan.

At Children’s Art and Creativity Park (former Ecopark) the festival will bring together the professionals and fans of extreme urban sports. The Festival’s motto this year: “The Youth go for healthy lifestyle"

The event aims to attract to extreme sports and mountaineering section for urban sports children and teenagers created with the Federation of.

"We are expecting  the participation of about 200 professionals, - said the head of the Federation Leonid Kozlovsky. - This year it is 15th edition of the festival. Formerly it was named "Extreme sports are Against Drugs. Here everyone can show their skills, compete with others"- he added.

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