Sunday, 26, May, 2024

Turkish Art Gallery in Istanbul hosted an exhibition of works of Uzbek painters. The exhibition, co-organized by the Uzbek Embassy in Ankara with the City of Istanbul, features the paintings of Uzbek artists, in different genres - landscapes, naturemortes and portraits, and have caused genuine interest of the Turkish public. 

At the opening ceremony, the participants from among the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the diplomatic, political, scientific and academic circles and Turkish mass media honored the memory of the first President Islam Karimov and praised his historic role in the building and development of independent Uzbekistan.

E.B. Tuncer advisor to the Mayor of Istanbul noted that Islam Karimov will be remembered as an outstanding statesman, who developed and implemented the concept of building of a new sovereign state with its own national interests, priorities and strategic objectives.

He stressed not only the invaluable contribution of Islam Karimov to strengthen the country, but also his contribution to ensuring peace and stability in the region."In the world there is a number of well-known foreign-policy initiatives proposed by Islam Karimov, including the creation a of Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in Central Asia, the creation of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea and the resolution of the Afghan conflict", - said E.B. Tuncer.

In turn, General Director of Emre Tourism Co., Ltd. R. Şen noted great services of Islam Karimov for the Uzbek people in the revival and the further enrichment of the people’s historical and cultural heritage.

"The country has about 7 thousand monuments of architecture and art, by the number of historical objects, the country is among the ten leading countries in the world", - she said.

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