Sunday, 26, May, 2024

Musical ensemble Sookmyung Gayageum Orchestra playing in the Korean instrument gayageum - and breakdance group B-boy performed in Tashkent with a concert entitled "All for one."

The orchestra performed 10 instrumental versions of famous Korean, Russian, and Austrian folk songs and amazed the Uzbek audience by playing the soundtrack to the film "The whole neighborhood is talking about it", music to which was written by the Uzbek composer Manas Leviev.

Ambassador of South Korea Kwon Yong-in, and other representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in our country enjoyed the performance  by the orchestra. The orchestra It was formed in 1999 by music students at Sookmyung Women's University and became the first ensemble playing in the Korean instrument gayageum.

Arirang, a Korean folk song, opened the concert program. Then five soloists of the orchestra performed an Austrian folk song from the movie -The Sound of Music, which received worldwide recognition.

It was then followed by the performance of Oq Lolalar, a soundtrack to the film The whole neighborhood Istalking about it, written by Manas Leviev and the unique sound produced with gayageum amazed the Uzbek audience. It must be said that such concerts unite the Uzbek and South Korean cultures.

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