Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

The film Unfulfilled Dream about the history of Jadidism in Turkestan, produced by BWG Production, won in the Best Educational Film category at the World Film Festival in Cannes, the director of the film, Ruslan Soliev announced.

Initially, Unfulfilled Dream was nominated in the Best Historical Film category. Later, the jury moved the film to the Best Educational Film category.

The director of the documentary, Ruslan Soliev, explained the jury’s decision on his Instagram:

“In their opening remarks, the organizers said something like the following: “Initially, the film was considered in the category Best historical film, but the jury nevertheless came to the conclusion that for the European audience, unfortunately, little familiar with the history of Uzbekistan, it is, first of all, a high level educational film. Thanks to The Unfulfilled Dream, the Europeans learned about what outstanding people lived and worked on the other side of the Earth and felt the pain of their dramatic destinies in their hearts. And this is a universal story that will resonate with audiences anywhere in the world.”

Ruslan Soliev in his commentary noted the importance of the film’s achievement for Uzbek cinema.

“I think this is an important victory for Uzbekistan’s entire independent cinema, because this is a unique opportunity to present our story to Western audiences. The language of cinema is universal, and it’s an incredible feeling when people from dozens of countries around the world discover the history of our country, and you see the interest it arouses among audiences on different continents,” the director emphasized.

Unfulfilled Dream tells about the history of the creation of Jadidism, the fate of its participants, the influence of the political events of 1917 on the modernist reforms movement, as well as the mark that the Jadids left in Uzbekistan's history.

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