Monday, 15, April, 2024

This year, the Development Fund of material and technical base of higher education institutions at the Ministry of Finance has allocated 355.6 billion soums, with these funds it is planned to overhaul 14 universities, the website of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan said.

In particular, it foresees the construction and reconstruction of 30 buildings, 12 dormitories, 5 sports facilities, 3 canteens, 2 information-resource centers and one culture center. In nine months of this year over 200 billion soums were allocated for construction and reconstruction of higher education institutions.

In the independence years, the number of universities in Uzbekistan has increased from 37 to 81, with branches of prestigious foreign universities. Annual spending on education is 10-12 per cent of the gross regional product, which is twice the amount recommended by UNESCO to be invested in education for sustainable development.

Education, science and application are being consistently integrated in universities. Students are involved in scientific research, innovation activities, including on orders from enterprises. The leading universities together with the Academy of Sciences have their research laboratory facilities in the most promising areas of science, engineering and technology.

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