Sunday, 16, June, 2024

Famous filmmaker Shukhrat Abbosov died on Wednesday in Tashkent aged 87, the government hospital No1, where he was hospitalized the day before, said.

Abbosov was best known for his film Whole Mahalla Speaks About It which is considered to be one of the best Uzbek films of all time. He was also known for writing the screenplay for the highly-popular 1977 adventure film Shum Bola (The Mischievous Boy).

Shukhrat Abbosov is a graduate of the Ostrovsky Tashkent Theater Arts Institute (1949). Later he took graduate courses in film directing at Mosfilm. Abbosov started working at Uzbekfilm in 1959.

He also directed the films: You Are Not An Orphan (1962), The Enlightenment (1965), Tashkent Is a City of Bread (1967), A Love Drama (1971), Abu Rayhon Beruni (1974), Fiery Roads (1980), The Little Man in a Big War (1990), Fields Which Remained from My Father (1998).

He has many awards and prizes, including titles People's Artist of the USSR and People's Artist of Uzbekistan, Shukhrat and El-yurt Khurmati medals.

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