Thursday, 20, June, 2024

Uzbekistan ranked 5th in the Solo Travel Safety Report 2019, produced by travel website, which offers independent adventurers a guide to where to go and how to stay safe around the world.

Singapore scored highest with a score of 97, followed by Norway, Iceland, Finlan and Uzbekistan.

This report explores an overview of the safest, riskiest, most peaceful and hostile countries. It also provides helpful tips for solo travel from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Data has been sourced from the Gallup Global Law and Order Report, Global Peace Index 2018 and guidelines from the FCO.

Gallup asked residents of 142 countries questions about how safe they feel walking alone at night, their confidence with local police, whether they had been assaulted or mugged and more.

They compiled “positive” responses to four questions into a Law and Order Index score for each country. The higher the score, the higher the proportion of the population that reports feeling safe.

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