Monday, 22, April, 2024

Uzbekistan is currently using electricity that Kyrgyzstan purchased from Turkmenistan but has promised to return it later, announced at a press conference the Chairman of the Turkmen National Energy Holding Talaibek Baigaziev.

He said that electricity import contracts had been signed earlier. For example, an agreement was reached with Turkmenistan on the supply of 1.3 billion kilowatt-hours this year.

“Uzbekistan’s energy system as the transitor cannot miss such volumes: there is a large deficit there. They receive this electricity, but it does not reach us. In general, they took on obligations (to return electricity - ed.),” Baigaziev explained.

According to him, it will be enough if this volume is received during the current heating season. Baigaziev stressed that “one must take into the demand of neighbors” and power engineers help each other, for example, during peak hours.

He also said that there was an agreement on the import of 450 million kilowatt-hours from Kazakhstan, this electricity had already arrived. For December, they signed an agreement on the supply of up to 200 million kilowatt-hours, but due to an emergency failure of equipment in Kyrgyzstan, deliveries are not yet possible.

“Yesterday we talked. The situation is getting better, deliveries will resume,” the head of the National Energy Holding assured.

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