Monday, 15, April, 2024

Regular meeting of the Legislative Chamber on Monday, where, the MPs considered the State Budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2023 Bill, which was accompanied by remarks by Minister of Finance T. Ishmetov.

The Bill and the Budget predict an increase in the country's gross domestic product by 5.3 percent. In particular, industrial production is expected to increase by 5.1 percent, construction - by 6 percent, agriculture - by 3.5 percent, services - by 6.7 percent. In 2023, the country's GDP is expected to reach 1,068 trillion soums, and State budget revenues will topped 232.1 trillion soums, or 21.7 percent of GDP.

Starting from 2023, the bill sets the maximum size of the consolidated budget deficit at an amount not exceeding 3 percent to the GDP.

State budget expenditures (including transfers to state special funds) topped 257.7 trillion soums, or 24.1 percent of GDP, or an increase of 18.9 trillion soums compared to the expected fulfillment in 2022.

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