Thursday, 09, July, 2020

There are currently 275 oil and gas fields in Uzbekistan with total reserves of 2.4 billion cubic meters (BCM) tons of conditional fuel, Uzbekneftegaz reported.

According to press service, geological prospecting is being carried out in the Ustyurt, Bukhara-Khiva, Gissar, Surkhandarya and Ferghana oil fields to ensure the stability of the hydrocarbon base.

As a result of exploration work carried out under the Presidential Decree PQ-3372 of November 3, 2017, 16 oil and gas fields were discovered and hydrocarbon reserves were increase by 171 million tons of fuel in 2017-2018 and 9 months of the current year..

Out of 16 fields, 4 wre discovered in Ustyurt region (Beshkala, Lower Surgil, Kushkair, Oralik), 2 in Fergana province (Uchtepa, Chakar), 10 in Bukhara-Khiva area (Topichaksoy, Marvarid, Shortak, Chordarbaza, Tumaris, Andakli, South Kulbesh, Yormoq, Doltatepa, Shorkum).

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