Saturday, 26, September, 2020

The Uzbekistan Urbanization Agency brought together representatives from various regions of the country and government agencies to learn how sustainable urbanization can improve livability and economic opportunities. The workshop was held in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank (WB).

WB, ADB and UN experts presented international best practices of urban management, resilience, competitiveness, economic growth, and tourism-urban linkages, amongst others. Local officials and experts highlighted current urbanization challenges and opportunities for sustainable urban development and job creation in Uzbekistan.

“Making cities environmentally sustainable, livable, and inclusive is one of the great challenges of our time,” said Ms. Cindy Malvicini, ADB’s Country Director for Uzbekistan Resident Mission. “Despite its challenges, Uzbekistan can benefit from urbanization opportunities given its geographic location, young human resources, transport links, and tourism assets”.

“Uzbekistan is rapidly urbanizing”, said Mr. Hideki Mori, World Bank Country Manager for Uzbekistan. “It’s important to make sure that this process is leading to improved livability and greater economic opportunities by strengthening the capacity of central and local authorities to plan, manage and regulate”.


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