Monday, 15, April, 2024

Footage surfaced on social networks in which two officers of the Patrol Service first communicate with a schoolboy and then forcefully drag him into their official car. The boy resisted and screamed due to his supposed injury as officers get him into the car.

The incident occurred on December 22 in the 3rd quarter of the Chilanzar district near house No. 42. The boy asked that they call his parents and not take him to the department, or contact the school nearby..

On that day, at approximately 16:00, the student’s mother was invited to the district police department; the child was in the office of the juvenile affairs department.

The victim’s mother decided to find witnesses, was able to obtain a recording, and eventually decided to write a statement so that the officers would be held accountable.

Children's Ombudsman Surayyo Rakhmonova said that she would be closely overseeing the case. According to her, the officers tried to force the child into the car and treated him rudely and inappropriately. As a result, the child injured his head and fell into a state of severe emotional fear.

An internal probe was carried out against the policement Sh.M. and A.O. They received a reprimand for rough treatment of a child and violation of the code of professional ethics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Such actions by law enforcement officers against the interests of children are absolutely unacceptable, therefore it is necessary to strictly suppress them in accordance with the law,” said Surayyo Rakhmonova.

Currently, at the request of the Children's Ombudsman, the Tashkent City Prosecutor's Office is studying the actions of the employees in order to give them a legal assessment.

The Tashkent city police department said that internal affairs officers arrived at the scene after they were called to 102 due to firework explosions in the area. All the children ran away, except for one boy. The department noted that the student insulted law enforcement officers, and upon examination, pyrotechnics were discovered in his possession.

To find out his identity, the officers tried to take him to the police department, but the boy resisted, the police department said. Later, an inspector-psychologist spoke with the student, who pointed out his “difficult character.” In the presence of his mother, they explained to him that he had committed an offense, the department noted.

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