Sunday, 03, March, 2024

Journalist of UzA news agency spoke with the Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi during the SCO Samarkand Summit. The Iranian president specifically touched upon the issue of visa-free between the two countries.

— Tourism is a clear opportunity for our countries with large populations, which can be developed dramatically. We are pleased that the two countries rank high in the world in terms of tourist numbers. We can take economic cooperation to a higher degree by increasing the number of mutual flights and establishing a visa-free regime.

Many agreements aimed at expanding trade and economic ties between Iran and Uzbekistan have been signed. In our opinion, this is not enough, it does not match the existing potential. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of potential in both countries, which will provide a positive effect on the two economies, - said Raisi.

Earlier, President Ibrahim Raisi announced that Iran was ready to include Uzbekistan in the Chabahar Agreement and the North-South corridor.

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