Friday, 03, February, 2023

Cold air mass, formed over the regions of the Urals, has invaded the territory of Uzbekistan since December 1 through western Kazakhstan, Uzhydromet said.

In the coming days, the influx of cold will spread to the entire territory of the country.

“Today, weather without precipitation is expected in Uzbekistan, only in the foothills and mountainous areas will precipitation occur, mainly in the form of snow. Light rain is possible in the extreme south of the republic. The daytime air temperature will be within 0-5 degrees of heat, in the north - 2-5 degrees of frost,” the report says.

The influence of the cold anticyclone will continue over the weekend. The air temperature will be within the range of 2-7 degrees below zero of frost at night, 0-5 degrees negative in the daytime, 10-13 degrees negative in the north at night, up to 15-17 degrees negative in places, 2-7 degrees negative in the daytime.

Dry weather with light winds is expected throughout the country.

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