Thursday, 25, July, 2024

“Hurrah for Comrade Stalin!”: An unsanctioned rally took place in Tashkent under the flag of the Uzbek SSR, and  the flag of the USSR. The event was attended by about 100-200 people who shouted "Hurrah for Comrade Stalin."

Blogger Nikita Makarenko posted the footage this in his Telegram channel.

“This carnival yesterday at the Brotherly Graves in all seriousness chanted “To the Comrade Stalin - hurrah!” and marched under the flag of the Uzbek SSR. Hoorah for the killer of Qodiriy, Fitrat (representatives of the Jadid modernist enlightment movement who were murdered by the Stalin's butchers) and thousands of our fellow countrymen?” he wrote.

Nikita Makarenko reminded officials responsible for the security of Uzbekistan that “one of the architects of the war in Ukraine, the Russian nationalist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) and his entire company were also such reenactors from the very beginning, and at first they walked harmlessly in historical costumes and with toy weapons, and then got the real thing."

The blogger also asked the Minister of Preschool and Primary Education to carefully “monitor school principals, and in some cases prevent children from dressing up in Soviet military uniforms and decorating schools with symbols of Russian murderers and fascists – St. George ribbons.”

“The only good thing is that there are no more than a couple of hundred rabid fans of Stalin,” he concluded.

An interesting fact is that the Tashkent city mayor’s office, the Tashkent city police department and other responsible departments have not yet published official information about this march.

In 2019, residents of the Sergeli district took to the streets and complained about rising prices for houses. Then representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan immediately recalled the administrative and criminal liability for holding unauthorized rallies, street marches and demonstrations. This time there were no reminders.

While, recently a video was circulated on social networks, in which police officers arrested a young man with a ribbon in the colors of the flag of Uzbekistan and the inscription "Graduate" in the market of the Kamashi district. Later, the Prosecutor General's Office recognized the administrative case against a young man who wore a ribbon in the colors of the state flag as illegal.

Is the president Mirziyoyev’s administration intimidated and wary of irritating the Russian authorities? Earlier Shavkat Mirziyoyev on May 9 attended the so called victory parade in Moscow. 

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