Friday, 01, March, 2024

Tashkent public transport will get another 200 electric buses in 2024, with capital's public transport to become gradually green.

Currently, Toshshahartranskhizmat has a total of 2,017 buses. According to UzA, 672 of them run on diesel fuel (33%), 1,020 on natural gas (50%) and 324 on electricity (17%).

These measures led to the fact that the volume of emissions of harmful substances from rolling stock in 2022 amounted to 5.1 thousand tons, and in 2023 it decreased to 4.8 thousand tons.

In 2024, it is planned to reduce harmful emissions to 4.6 thousand tons per year by updating the rolling stock with 200 electric buses.

Between 2024 and 2030, it is planned to purchase an additional 1,200 electric buses and convert buses to natural gas.

Earlier the Tashkent mayor’s office signed a purchase agreement with BYD for 2 thousand electric buses.

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