Saturday, 13, July, 2024

114,605 cars were manufactured in Uzbekistan in Jan-Apr 2024, marking a 1.5 times increase compared to the same period last year, the State Statistics Agency said in a report. Despite initial plans to discontinue Lacetti production in April, there was a slight increase by March. 

The Cobalt model led the way on 41,704 units by the end of April, a 50.3% increase from last year, including 12,600 units manufactured in April. The Damas model saw 23,200 cars manufactured, reflecting a 22% increase, including 4,200 units in April. The Tracker SUV secured the third spot with 17,100 units, up by 4.7 times from last year, with over 5 thousand units manufactured in April.

Production of the Lacetti-Gentra model nearly halved to 10,900 cars, including 2,143 units manufactured last month, slightly more than in March. Production of the Onix model reached 11,500 cars, a 3.7 times increase y/y, with 3.2 thousand sedans manufactured in April.

Other models also experienced growth, with 6,150 KIA and 3,490 Chery cars assembled in the country since the beginning of the year. Haval and Exeed production volumes remained relatively small, with 230 Haval and 73 Exeed cars manufactured, including 35 Exeed cars versus 25 Haval cars in April.

The production of special vehicles also rose slightly to 7,671 units, reflecting a 6.6% increase.

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