Sunday, 14, July, 2024

The new high-rise buildings of Uzsanoatqurilishbank, Asakabank and Aloqabank located on Tashkent City business district will be sold through open auction, with KPMG hired as a privatization consultant, the State Asset Management Agency (SAMA) said.

SAMA will be coordinating the actions of state-owned banks and consultants in organizing the sales.

At phase I, the consultant will study investor interest for purchasing the buildings.

“Market interest in acquiring these assets will be explored by distributing investment teasers prepared by KPMG to investors, including international investors, and establishing individual discussions with them. The approach to the sales mechanism will be formed based on a study of investors’ interest in purchasing these business centers and their opinions on what form they would like to purchase, in particular, in the form of the entire building or divided into lots,” the statement says.

Uzsanoatqurilishbank owns a 33-story building with ​​82.28 thousand sqm premises, Asakabank - a 26-story building with total ​​66.2 thousand sqm premises, Aloqabank - a 26-story building with ​​81.44 thousand sqm premises.

In the 2020–2022investment program, these buildings were called “premium class bank office buildings.” The building of Uzsanoatqurilishbank was valued at $137 million, Asakabank - $102 million, Aloqabank - $100 million. Banks invested their own funds in these projects.

As reported earlier, about possible plans of Uzsanoatqurilishbank to build a 21-story building with a shopping and entertainment center, offices and apartments in the Tashkent’s Yashnabad district on the site of its branch.

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