Sunday, 14, July, 2024

Man who promised to help a local resident to enter the United States, but instead sent him to South Africa was arrested in Jizzakh, the press service of the Jizzakh province police department reported.

Allegedly, a resident of Khayrobod neighbourhood, I.M., filed a complaint to the police department, claiming said that the resident of the Sharaf-Rashidov district, A. Ya., promised his son M. T. to help him go to the USA to work in return of US$ 14.3 thousand, but instead sent him to South Africa.

The complainant reported that his son was stranded in Africa and A.Y. was demanding another $6,700 to “rectify the situation.” During the transfer of this money, A. Ya. was arrested red-handedly when receiving this amount.

A criminal case has been launched with investigation underway.

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