Saturday, 13, July, 2024

Footage surfaced on the Internet of a GM Nexia 3 car carrying about 10 pupils of a private kindergarten getting involved in an accident in the Beruni district of Karakalpakstan.

The district mayor’s office reported that the accident occurred at about 9:55 AM on Wednesday. The driver, 33 flew off the road in the vehicle, crossing a concrete sidewalk.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Karakalpakstan autonomy clarified that the car was driving along the 4R161 highway and crashed into Gentra, which was standing on the side of the road and drove onto the road.

Reportedly, the driver and two children, 6 and 3 years old, were injured. They were taken to the local medical center. Their health condition is satisfactory.

According to the Karakalpakstan prosecutor's office, a criminal case has been launched into the incident under Violation of traffic safety rules or operation of a vehicle, resulting in moderate or serious bodily injury.

As part of the case, a legal assessment will be given to the actions of the driver, who was carrying more passengers in the car than allowed, as well as the driver of Gentra U.K., who violated the rules when starting to drive.

It should be noted that transportation of a large number of children by passenger cars is common in Uzbekistan. The latest case was reported in April - then a driver of 7-seater Damas minivan in the Kashkadarya province was transporting a kindergarten employee and 25 pupils.

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