Wednesday, 17, July, 2024

Man passed away after he reportedly faded on the access road of the Bekabad city police department building, the information service of the Tashkent province police department said.

It was reported that investigative efforts were carried out against the 33-year-old citizen X.Yu. sent to the court.

On June 19, 2024, during the hearing of this criminal case by the Bekabad city court, the brothers of the accused X.Yu., 43-year-old D.Yu. and 46-year-old D. Yu. unhappy with the prison sentence on his brother, started a quarrel in the courtroom.

In order to restore order and ensure the safety, officers of the provincial police department were called to the courtroom.

The quarrel was resolved by three local police officers who arrived after the call, and the participants of the incident were taken to the police department building in order to prepare documents regarding the violation.

In the entrance corridor of the building, D.Yu's lost consciousness. Employees took the citizen to the city hospital in a service vehicle.

During the examination by the staff of the medical association, D. Yu. was found to have died.

Reportedly, a forensic examination was ordered to clarify the causes of the citizen's death. The situation is being monitored by the prosecutor's office and investigations are being conducted.

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