Sunday, 14, July, 2024

The Tashkent’s Sergeli car market is expected to be fully privatized, the State Assets Management Agency (SAMA). According to the financial statements, Iste'molda Bo'lgan Transport Vositalari Va Ehtiyot Qismlar Sergeli Bozori LLC, which controls the market, is 100% state-owned, and is profitable.

If in 2018 the company income was 21.2 billion soums, US$ 2.1 million, while in 2019 - 28.2 billion soums US$ 2.7 million. The paid taxes stood at 12.7 and 15.5 billion soums, respectively.

As reported earlier, the Sergeli car market was to be moved from Tashkent city to the Tashkent province.

In total, SAMA has put up for sale the government’s stakes in 339 markets and shopping malls. At the end of October, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev pointed to the need to radically revise the state's participation in more than 500 markets and shopping malls. Currently, 23 of them are unprofitable, 210 have low profitability. It is planned that the markets will become centers not only for trade, but also for recreation and entertainment. Sergeli car market is the largest open air second-hand cars market in the whole of Central Asia. 

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