Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

Businessman Rauf Kamiljanov purchased another 45.73% stake in Savdogar Bank on the stock exchange on February 24. In six transactions, Rauf Kamiljanov bought 594.53 million securities of the bank against 71.3 billion soums, or US$ 6.8 million - 120 soums per share.

At the end of November, Rauf Kamiljanov bought a 53.53% stake in Savdogarbank against 83.5 billion soums, or US$ 7.8 million.

Taking into account recent transactions, he now owns 99.26% shares institution. Previously, the bank's shareholders were Singapore's Megastrata PTE (30%), Samarkand Tea Packing Factory (12.6%) and other natural persons (3.9%).

In Q3 of 2021, Savdogarbank suffered losses of 10.8 billion soums, although in 2020 the bank's net profit topped 14.2 billion soums.

Rauf Kamiljanov also owns an 11% stake in Darvoza Savdo (which owns Makro grocery chain), 20% in Profit Store (largest food distributor) and 2.8% in Ramirus Gas Service (retail trade in motor fuel in specialized stores) and others.

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