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On December 24, the President of Uzbekistan signed the Additional measures for the effective use of the tourism and transport potential of the Samarkand province, the development of the province based on the concept of" Samarkand - the tourist gate of New Uzbekistan Decree.

The Decree notes that in 2023 Samarkand will become the venue for the 25th session of the General Assembly of the UN World Tourism Organization.

In this regard, an outreach campaign: Samarkand is the New Uzbekistan’s tourist gate will be held in Uzbek provinces and foreign countries, demonstrating the tourist potential of the city and the Samarkand International Airport.

The Samarkand province is planned to be turned into a "large transport and logistics hub", connected by air, rail and road transport, as well as connecting the airport with the provinces of the country.

An alternative basing system for foreign air carriers will be introduced at Samarkand Airport.

According to the decree, at Samarkand airport:

  • until January 1, 2030, a private partner in airport management for flights by foreign airlines applies to the Civil Aviation Agency under the Ministry of Transport for permission;
  • issuing a flight permit shall be decided by the Civil Aviation Agency under the Ministry of Transport within no more than 96 hours, and for charter flights - 24 hours from the date of delivery of documents submitted by foreign airlines for air travel;
  • tourist information centers are to be created to serve tourists (the first one is indicated to be created before February 1, 2023);

In addition, according to the decree, business entities until January 1, 2026 shall be relieved from: 

  • paying customs duties upon importation in accordance with the lists of equipment, special equipment, fuels and lubricants, components, spare parts, raw materials and supplies, plants, furniture, inventory and other goods necessary for organizing and / or implementing activities of a hotel with a category of 4 stars and above;
  • paying customs payments for special equipment, mechanisms and technological equipment imported under the customs regime of "temporary import" for the construction of facilities on the territory of the Samarkand tourist center.

By the decree, the Payaryk, Samarkand and Taylak distrcits of Samarkand province are included in the list of districts and cities in which a special tax regime will be introduced for business entities providing hotel services, trade services, catering, entertainment, tour operator and travel agency services, approved by a decree of the President of Uzbekistan dated January 27, 2022. 

The Ministry of Transport was instructed to create a bus service system on intercity and international routes by September 1, 2023 with the involvement of business entities and investors and provide for a procedure for buying tickets for it through the Uzbus platform.

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