Sunday, 16, June, 2024

Uzbekistan’s top 20 largest taxpayers were unveiled on May 13, the Statistics Agency said in a report. A total of 2,187 large taxpayers contributed tax revenues over UZS 32.9 trillion ($2.6 billion).

State-owned ownership top 10 major taxpayers accounted for approximately UZS 16.2 trillion ($1.3 billion). Leading this elite group is the  Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant (NMMC) which contributed more than UZS 7.7 trillion ($606 million) in tax payments.

In addition, the top 10 private companies accounted for over UZS 2.5 trillion ($197 million), with UzBAT paying UZS 843 billion ($66 million) in taxes.

Construction companies also played a significant role in Uzbekistan's tax revenue, with 33,090 legal entities in this sector contributing more than UZS 2.1 trillion ($165 million) between January to March 2024, with 20 enterprises paying UZS 262.8 billion ($21 million), reflecting a diverse tax contribution across various categories:

  • VAT: 133.4 billion ($10.5 million)
  • Income tax from individuals: UZS 41.6 billion ($3.3 million)
  • Profit tax: UZS 40.8 billion ($3.2 million)
  • Social tax: UZS 32.6 billion ($2.6 million)
  • Property tax: UZS 8.8 billion ($692,253)
  • Land tax: UZS 5.2 billion ($409,059)
  • Other taxes: UZS 0.3 billion ($23,599)

Furthermore, the production sector demonstrated robust tax compliance, with 65,204 legal entities contributing more than UZS 8.6 trillion ($677 million) in taxes during the same period. Among these, the top 20 taxpayers accounted for UZS 3.4 trillion ($267 million), reflecting their substantial fiscal responsibility.

Uzbekistan's overall tax compliance rate on a national scale stood high at 96% during January to March 2024. Notably, the city of Tashkent, a prominent economic powerhouse demonstrated tax compliance at a rate of 97%.

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