Monday, 15, April, 2024

Former Tashkent mayor, businessman Jahongir Ortiqkhojaev attended the Business Marathon today in the city of Termiz.

Answering one of the questions, he said that he sold 7 of his assets, in particular, the Magic City park in downtown Tashkent. 

"I will tell you one more good practice, if you allow me. I haven't told to many people, so I will. Turks have a saying "pull yourself together ", that is, get yourself together. And I try to cleanse myself every 5 years. And therefore I sold 7 of my companies. 

“I sold Crafers because I couldn't build a reputation in the industry, I couldn't manage food production. I sold the Mediapark (home appliances & electronics chain) with all its stores. I sold one of Ecobozor store. I sold Akfa Lighting. I sold Magic City. I also sold basalt to the Germans - Knauf. I want to say that in 5 years I will be able to "cleanse" myself. If I don't need a business, if I'm not interested in it, if I'm not investing on it - I'll sell it. And I will open another one. I will take the good ones and develop them, and I will cleanse the rest”, he said. 

“For example, Akfa Lighting took me 15 years of my life, but now I don't want to deal with light bulbs. It is necessary to get rid of unnecessary things," Ortiqkho'jaev added.

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