Monday, 22, April, 2024

Uzbeks will be offered 100 thousand jobs in the Republic of Korea, the External Labor Migration Agency said today in an announcement.

On February 8-14, registration of candidates wishing to work on the basis of an E-9 visa in the Republic of Korea in the following areas is planned (37.4 thousand jobs in total):

  • manufacturing sector - 22,248;
  • agricultural sector - 6,858;
  • service sector (hotels, bar and restaurants) - 5,403 (mostly women);
  • construction sector - 2,898.

The link to the questionnaire will appear in the agency channel on the specified days.

According to the agency, the average salary will be at $2,000-2,500.

Korean language courses are offered at Ishga Markhamat monocenters in the provinces, which are organized by professional Korean language teachers from the King Sejong Foundation.

Registration will be suspended after reaching the quota. The candidate should choose only one sector. A candidate registered in the field of shipbuilding in 2023 can register in another field from 2024.

Diversification of labor migration flows

As reported earlier, German employers offered 50 thousand jobs for Uzbeks - officially, through the Agency for External Labor Migration. The agency also helps with German language courses before leaving.

Recently, Minister of Employment and Poverty Reduction Bekhzod Musayev also met with the Ambassador of Canada to Uzbekistan Alam Hemson to discuss the ways to establishing cooperation in the field of labor migration.

Current labor migration flows from Uzbekistan are mainly concentrated in a few nearby countries, in particular Russia and Kazakhstan, which account for the bulk of remittance inflows. Meanwhile, there is a gradual diversification of labor migration, as noted earlier by the Central Bank. In particular, the share of transfers from Russia decreased from 87% to 78%.

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