Monday, 18, November, 2019

The Tashkent Interdistrict Economic Court ruled that Tashkent mayor’s office shall pay 2.7 billion soums 350 thousan in compensation for the seizing of the land plot for government needs where Tumaris confectionery factory is located, the Chamber of Commerce (CCI) of Uzbekistan said.

Earlier, Universal Plast Montaj Engineering requested the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to help protect their property rights and keep the Tumaris factory building, which the mayor’s administration tried to demolish as an illegal construction.

For nine months, the company together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry had repeatedly made inquiries to state and other authorities, the statement says.

The claim to recover from the defendant - Tashkent Mayor's Office - 2.7 billion soums of compensation for the seized land in eminent domain has been satisfied.

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