Monday, 25, May, 2020

Uzbekistan Railways (UTY) will buy another five Russian 3ES5K electric freight locomotives, the company said. Three locomotives of this modification will be delivered before the year-end, and two more are due in Q1 2020.

As part of the investment program, two electric locomotives of the 3ES5K series were delivered at the beginning of this year. The relevant tests were successfully conducted, which became the gorunds for signing the purchase contract for another five freight locomotives. 

The main advantage of these electric locomotives is the ability to work in areas with complex terrain inherent in the railways of our region. In addition, increasing the weight norm of freight trains allows to increase the productivity of the locomotive.

The three-section 9840 kW/h capacity 3ES5K freight electric locomotive is designed for the 1520 mm rails. The fully computerized locomotive’s minimum and the maximum speeds are 49.9 km/h and 110 km/h respectively.

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