Sunday, 26, May, 2024

Uzbekistan imported 5,058;, worth total of $58.5 mln from 16 different countries in Feb. 2024, the State Statistics Agency said in a report. This figure is a slightly lower to the same period in the previous year.

Most imports originated from the following countries:

  • China: 4,420 trucks;
  • Korea: 503;
  • Russia: 46;
  • Poland: 38;
  • Germany: 12;

The period also saw a significant increase in passenger car imports, with over 17,500 units brought into the country, marking a substantial increase from the previous year by approximately 12,500 units. The total value of imported passenger cars reached $383.1 mln, averaging $21,800 per vehicle. The primary countries of origin for these vehicles were:

  • China: 12,808 cars
  • South Korea: 4,176 cars
  • United States: 455 cars

Uzbekistan has set ambitious goals for its domestic automotive industry, aiming to significantly increase the production of electric and hybrid vehicles to an annual 500,000 cars. This goal is part of a broader strategy to enhance the proportion of domestically manufactured vehicles to 60%.

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