Saturday, 13, July, 2024

From June 1, 2024, a number of legislative changes and other novelties will take effect in Uzbekistan. Fees for state-owned kindergartens in Uzbekistan to rise increase.

From June 1, the amount of fees for maintaining a child in a state kindergarten will increase by an average of 18.7%-21%. For example, the monthly fee for one child who spends 9 hours in a kindergarten in Tashkent will increase from 206 thousand to 247 thousand, and then to 272 thousand soums.

Payment for power will be limited if one has debt for garbage collection

From June 1, they will begin to limit electricity charges if there is a debt for garbage collection. First, the procedure will be implemented in Tashkent, Nukus and regional centers, and then throughout the country.

Ceiling price of methane at CNG filling stations to be raised

By resolution of the government, from June 1, the maximum retail price of methane for passenger cars will increase to 3,750 soums.

Families in need will be able to пуе preferential mortgages of up to 120 million soums for the construction and renovation of private housing

Eco-friendly transport system to be launched

Within the system, territories, depending on their ecological condition, will be divided into “clean”, “average” and “harmful” ecological zones. After diagnosis, vehicles will be assigned “green”, “yellow” and “red” stickers.

Migrant workers to begin to get compensation for language certificates

Citizens who have registered in Work Abroad system and go on organized labor migration shall be paid compensation to cover the costs associated with passing an exam in foreign languages ​​and (or) professions, obtaining a “work visa” and purchasing a travel ticket.

Victims of harassment and violence to get assistance without seeking a protective order

From June 1, Inson (Human) social service centers to provide social and legal services to victims of harassment and violence without requiring a protective order.

Salaries of kindergarten workers to be indexed

The basic tariff rates for teachers with higher education in state preschool educational organizations are equal to the current amounts of the basic tariff rates for the corresponding school teachers.

Seismic requirements for new buildings are established

In 8 magnitude seismically active zones, when planning new construction, the design of medical facilities above 5 floors and buildings above 9 floors will be designed with active seismic protection devices, seismic insulation and dampers.

Legal regime for foreign companies

The International Center for Digital Technologies is introducing a special legal regime for foreign companies on an experimental basis for up to 5 years.

Thailand announces visa-free regime for Uzbekistan

Thailand has announced a visa-free regime for Uzbekistan and 35 other countries from June 1. Currently, Uzbek nationals get a visa on arrival. Students will now be able to stay in Thailand for a year after completing their studies.

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