Monday, 22, April, 2024

Uzbekistan was the second gold seller in 2023, slightly behind Kazakhstan. This is stated in the information of the World Gold Council (WGC) said in a report.

Reportedly, the main seller of gold last year was the Central Bank of Kazakhstan, on 50 tons. Uzbekistan's net gold sales was nearly 25 tons.

While, China became the top buyer in 2023 on 230 tons. China was followed by Poland, Singapore, Libya and the Czech Republic.

In December, gold reserves of the world's central banks increased by 28 tons, which means that the trend of buying gold is ongoing, with Turkiye becoming the top buyer with 18 tons.

Note: In 2023, Uzbekistan sold $8.2 billion worth of gold. This is almost 2 times more than the year before. While, $4.1 billion worth gold was sold in 2022, $4.1 billion in 2021, $5.8 billion in 2020, and $4.9 billion in 2019.

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