Sunday, 16, June, 2024

Uzbekistan's airports reported an rise in passenger traffic, with a 42% growth in Q1, 2024, serving 3.1 mln passengers, Uzbekistan Airports said in a quarterly report.

Of the total number of passengers, 2.4 mln travelled abroad, while 762,430 took domestic flights. Also, Uzbek international airports managed 25,360 flights, reflecting a 40% increase compared to the previous year. Among these flights, 17,340 were international, and 8,000 were domestic.

Local airlines operated 16,600 flights, while foreign carriers operated 8,760 flights during the same period. The airports handled 17,130 tons of cargo and mail, showing a 6% increase compared to the previous year.

Earlier, the presidnetial press service unveiled the cargo terminal project at Tashkent International Airport. Over the past three years, extensive reconstruction efforts have improved passenger amenities and increased the departure terminal's area from 56,000 square meters to an impressive 80,000 square meters.

Ongoing reconstruction aims to enhance the departure terminal's capabilities further, expanding registration, customs, and security capacities. 

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