Monday, 15, April, 2024

Minister of Environmental Protection Aziz Abdukhakimov said that harsher penalties for illegal downing of trees was on the table. “Among businesses there were those who, anticipating the cutting down of trees, added the applicable fines to design estimates. If penalties are seriously increased, businesses would think about whether to cut down a tree or not,” the minister said.

Minister Abdukhakimov emphasized that such cases can be dealt with by applying serious penalties. 

“Now even if he cuts down large trees, he will get away with paying a fine of only 1 million 800 thousand to 3 million soums. If we increase them to be in the 30 to 100 million soums range, then the wealthiest businessman would think twice whether it’s worth doing,” he said. 

According to the minister, there were also cases of issuing permits to move trees. In this way, about 5 thousand trees were replanted. However, he added that good migration practices have not yet been implemented and companies lack experience and methodology. 

“We must also be well aware that the city is developing. Some trees have to be replanted based on public interest. And it will be based on public opinion,” he said.

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